SoniaBIRTH NAME: Born "Sonia Ann Flint" later taking fathers last name “Signorino" giving way for stage name: “ Sonia” which also means “Little Miss Sonia”.


HERITAGE: Father "Sicilian & French" and Mother "Black & Creek Indian"

POINTS OF NOTICE: Sonia this R & B/ Dance artist was born to sing. Sonia born and raised in Beantown Boston, MA. A place known for welcoming music from talented new artists. Sonia graduated from East Boston High School top 20 and was involved in chorus, dance & even played in the musicals “Annie” and performed as "Sandy" from the musical "Grease" . Sonia says “I always got involved in singing even as a small child I remember doing plays & singing in chorus classes anything that had to do with using my vocals as well as drama skills & dance”. As a captain of the cheerleading squad for three years she said she learned to maximize her vocals and dance skills and learned all about performance.


As a young child Sonia remembers singing & making up songs trying to learn guitar. “I don't think there was one day” says Sonia that I didn't sing. My mom would say "there she goes again!” Having no professional experience, later as an adult Sonia took vocal lessons and superseded all her expectations she landed a recording contract with Realm Music Group in 2006.

sonia-CD-coverRealm Music Group LLC approached Sonia back in 2004 when they asked her to perform backup vocals on “Ricki Erik’s” newly released cd titled “Born to Rock” in 2005. When the executives at Realm Music heard the sounds of magic coming from this petite, sultry and seductive, hot little number they thought “We need to sign her and give her her own album” which is scheduled to be released at the beginning of 2007. She was so professional, confident and had the ability and desire to perform for audiences anywhere. She has the “It” Factor and leaves her audience wanting more.

As a personal fitness trainer “Sonia” has always dreamed of becoming a recording artist her whole life. “ I like to write songs where I have the option to show my creativity.”

TOURING: Sonia looks forward to touring on the road and experiencing different parts of the world, meeting new people along the way. Taking different experiences with her along the way from the places she visits and the people she meets. Sonia unlike many recording artists wants to become a positive role model to people both young & old and especially to the children & women my age. Sonia says “When people speak of me, I want to be known as a powerful vocalist, strong & positive female, someone who always treats people as she would want to be treated. I want to build relationships with my fans & build a base that will follow me for years to come.

INSPIRATION: My inspiration comes from life experiences whether it be mine or other peoples experiences. I love to sing about powerful real life events that people can relate to. Although I love for music to be fun. I want people to sing and dance and feel good! Music sets the mood to make you happy, even if only for a moment it might help you to forget about life’s difficult trials & tribulations then I did my job. I want to empower women and make them strong for life’s lessons. I want people to feel that they are living the song like a story.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: MY favorite female vocalists are "Mariah Carey", "Celine Dione"," Whitney Houston" & "Taylor Dayne" they all have powerful voices & I like there style.


LIFE LONG DREAM: To win a Grammy! & to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame!