Klashing Hearts

Klashing Hearts“Before you even heard us you assumed that we were wack?”

“Klashing Hearts” is a new kind of Hip-Hop /Pop band recently signed to indie record label Realm Music Group in Hollywood, FL. Members Jordan, Jorge, Jesus, and Alex. Klashing Hearts came together with the idea to combine “clashing” music genres, not just Hip-Hop or R&B, not just Rock or Pop - but all of the elements combined creating a singular sound. Their debut album , “Notes, Stars, and Hearts” released July 2011, will appeal to fans of Gym Class Heroes, The Black Eyed Peas, and anyone who loves feel-good music with substance to it. Klashing Hearts feels that music isn't just about entertainment; it's about uplifting people with positivity and meaning behind every line and every note.

KlashingHearts-CD-album-tbAlbum: “Notes, Stars, and Hearts”
Genre: Pop

The first single being released from the album is slated to be “Blah, Blah, Blah.” This fun, humorous track was conceptualized in only ten minutes with lyrics like “Please, no offense at all/But you need to stop right now/Try to tune you out like Blah Blah Blah/But-- get outta my car.” It not only shows off the group’s ability to be comedic, but it underlines their talents as musicians. Klashing Hearts composed, wrote, and produced all of the music and lyrics on their debut album “Notes, Stars, and Hearts”.

Ricki Erik -President and Record Producer at Realm Music Group has been following the boy bands career for nearly four years when they brought their first demo track by Realm Music Group’s recording studio in Hollywood, FL. The band was looking for constructive criticism and feedback, wanting to make sure they had the talent and hoping to be signed to a record deal. Ricki was astonished to see the talent at such a young age but felt the boys were too young at the time to be on the road or signed to a deal. The boys came back frequently to the studio and when they completed their album he realized these guys were not only serious about music and their musical career but they were gifted with artistic talent and creativity and we signed them to a record deal. Ricki adds “What I liked about Klashing Hearts most is that their sound was so unique there would be no mistaking them for another band and as a record label that’s what we were looking, something undeniably different”. “When you listen to the album, you can tell its’ them because their sound is unique and once they build their fan base they will rise to new heights in music”.

Another great track from the album is “Sparklers.” This bold anthem challenges all of the people who attack the group. “They say quit/We’ll never ever make it/You can take everything/Until I’m singing naked.” This inspirational song invites everyone to “wave your sparklers” in defiance of people who try to bring you down.

“It’s just the beginning, you know.
I wanna be here for a while.
I want our music to be loved and hated.
I want people defending us, and I want people attacking us.”

The quartet pride themselves in being self-taught and using live instruments. This makes radio-ready tracks from “Notes, Stars, and Hearts” such as “Beauty Doesn’t Need a Name” that much more impressive. “You’re once in a lifetime/A shooting star/Beauty doesn’t need a name/It’s just who you are.” This song highlights the group’s goal of putting special meaning into every aspect of their music.

Klashing Hearts has been influenced by everything from the oldies to new pop radio. Their goal is to change the structure of pop today and bring a sense of musicality back to the radio without losing any creativity, fun or dance-ability. The members of Klashing Hearts have known each other for years and feel that they are more than a band, more than music – “They are a Brotherhood”.