About Us

Primary Owners President: Ricky Erik Archer III
CEO & TREASURER: Michelle DeFronzo
Manager: Virginia Nano


REALM Music Group LLC is an independent record label and publishing company founded in 2004, in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and is located now in Boston, MA, one mile from Boston's Logan International Airport. Realm Music Group LLC with its own recording studio, offers producing, engineering, mixing and full studio services for artists to record music. We produce and engineer our music in-house for all music genres. Our primary function is to produce, promote and market bands, music and CD sales through the use of multiple music outlets including but not limited to: distribution, retail and on line internet CD sales, digital downloads, media/ print & advertising and radio promotion campaigns.


Our mission is to produce, market, develop and distribute music for independent unsigned recording artists in the music industry. We will offer greater creative independence for all music genres and provide music artists and music lovers alike the best quality mixing, sound and engineering to enhance & promote the artists’ recordings. We will properly channel your music through the various distribution outlets for music that are available.


Ricky Erik Archer III stage name “Ricki Erik” is the record labels first recording artist signed to Realm Music Group LLC. Ricky has been in the music industry for nearly 2 decades before starting his own record label namely as Co-Founder of Realm Music Group LLC in 2004.

Ricky traveled extensively through Europe and the United States touring with such popular bands as Linear and Stevie B. Both former bands had a song that reached the high top 10 ranking songs positions according to Billboard. Ricky is a recording artist, self-taught musician, playing guitar & keyboards and is the lead singer for RICKI ERIK. He produces, records & writes much of his own music and will be producing for new artists signed to the Realm Music Group LLC label. His formal education is Aerospace Engineering where he earned his BS degree in Austria.

Michelle DeFronzo has earned her B.S. in Business Management (International concentration). Michelle has a diverse background but you can say she’s an “entrepreneur” at heart. She has no formal training or musical background but has been studying the music business for nearly 3 years while developing the marketing and business structure to put the company’s plan in action. The last 12 years Michelle’s professional experience has been involved in the International Transportation and Distribution service for the USA and abroad providing Logistic Chain Supply Solutions to some of the top companies in the USA and abroad. Michelle has traveled extensively both domestically & internationally developing and streamlining domestic transportation & warehouse services both here in the USA and abroad. Michelle has provided on site logistics management providing freight audits, cost analysis and savings measures for many large companies based in the USA. Michelle has provided import, export and outsourcing services for manufacturers and distribution centers including contract negotiations, cost savings measures and improved on time delivery performance. She now utilizes those skills and her in-depth international business experience to reach the music market both here and abroad by providing the networking capabilities, promotional & marketing materials and campaign to distribute the CD domestically & internationally.

Virginia Nano is an Officer of the Company. Her primary responsibility is as Office Manager where she is manufactures and distributes shipping CD’s from our on line web sales. She maintains our mailing and fan database, distribution, shipping and receiving and CD Inventory. She is also responsible for inside/ outside CD sales. Virginia also tracks the records position for mainstream radio, college radio and record pools. Virginia also acts as office manager to handle many day to day tasks including inventory replenishment, cd duplication, customer service and sales.